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Your Cataract Consultation

Preparing for your consultation

  • Please remove hard contact lenses 14 days prior and soft contact lenses 7 days prior to your cataract surgery consultation.
  • Please bring your current glasses and/or contacts to your examination.
  • Please complete and bring the patient registration form and medical history form that will be mailed to you prior to your appointment.
  • Your eyes will be dilated during the examination. Therefore, bring sunglasses or someone to assist you if you will be driving home after the examination.
Your consultation

  • Specially trained technicians and optometrists who are part of Dr. Raizman's team will perform a complete history and eye examination.
  • Microscopic measurement of the shape of your cornea (keratometry) will be performed and supported by corneal topography, if needed.
  • A precise measurement of the length of your eye will be taken by ultrasound and state-of-the-art IOLMaster techniques.
  • Dr. Raizman will review all tests, examine your eyes and determine if cataract surgery is indicated. He will review all the findings with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • The entire examination is painless and takes two to three hours.

Scheduling your cataract surgery

Dr. Raizman's surgical coordinator will schedule your cataract surgery and postoperative office examinations. All patients are provided a cataract surgery information packet.

Dr. Raizman works closely with many eye specialists in this country and abroad to provide cataract surgical care. For most patients, Dr. Raizman and his team also provide postoperative care. For some patients, a portion of follow-up care is provided by your primary eye care doctor to maximize convenience for the patient. For certain patients of doctors who work regularly with Dr. Raizman, your local eye doctor will provide all preoperative and postoperative care. For all patients , Dr. Raizman does the entire cataract surgical procedure.

Our goal is to provide you with the safest, highest quality and most convenient cataract surgery. We strive to consolidate your care in your local area and make your cataract surgery comfortable and convenient.

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